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We are Cliptheme. That’s the way we work.

Creative attitude, lifelong learning, deep interest in new web standards, high hopes, extended skills and expertise: these are the main ingredients of Cliptheme.

Cliptheme’s ultimate goal is to provide web developers and other IT stakeholders the necessary and most useful tools in order to create premium, high-tech products, combining technology with aesthetic taste as well as compliance with the main usability patterns.

Since 2013 Cliptheme has chosen Envato Group’s Themeforest as the best marketplace to present its new projects. In particular, Cliptheme’s Admin Templates, developed with the highest level of care for details and the most cutting-edge web technologies, have immediately gained great appreciation and positive feedback from countless of its satisfied customers.

We firmly believe in team play; that is why we assist our clients with professional support and constant updating in every step of the process, thanks to our professional sector partners and an established, service-oriented methodology. We are deeply convinced that this is the best way to speed up developers’ “creative intelligence”. By entrusting to us the task of creating solid and performing foundations for their job, they will indeed be able to mainly focus on the functional aspects of their projects.

Sharing, Identification, Responsibility: these are the underlying principles which guide our customer relations. We share values and goals, we identify with them and we take the responsibility to pursue them.

We are Cliptheme. That’s the way we work.